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More than Just Service of Process

Almost any legal matter can get very costly very quickly. SMC can help cut costs and effectively handle your Service Matters, and extend our knowledge to you to prevent errors that can be costly. 

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If you're filing for divorce and can't locate your soon-to-be ex-spouse, we will serve him or her. We also do instant background checks for tenants. SMC is licensed by New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs, we're bonded, insured, and tracked by GPS. When you work with us, you'll have peace of mind knowing your legal documents were filed properly. We do it all see below.

Client Intake
Witness Statements
Accident Scene Photos & Diagram
Activity & Wellness Checks

Uncontested Divorce (Without Children)
New York State Correctional Services
Litigation Searches
(Private Armed Security Assistance)

Worker Holding Papers

Experienced Process Serving

SMC specializes in service of process and attorney support services. When you "Hire Us" "Consider it done"  Even with friendly services the process can turn into something vastly different. For example having a licensed and Bonded Professional experienced  Legal
licensed Process Server knows what questions to ask, which direction to go in and how to effect service properly. 

Professional Process Serving
Court Filings
Trial Preparation
Police Accident Report Retrieval
Department of State Filings
• Out of State Service
Skip Tracing
X-Ray Photo Copy Duplicates
Searches and Background Checks
Criminal Dispositions & Background Check
Independent Medical Exam
Court Courier Services
Investigations (Rates Upon Request)
Locates & Searches (Rates Upon Request)

Landlord and Tenant Services

Additional rates may apply to special arranged services. We will give your matter personal attention, which is key to completing the job efficiently.  SMC offers document preparation assistance for landlords who prefer to proceed with the process Pro-Se.We prepare, serve, file your documents and provide Attorney referrals